Words of Comfort

There is nothing like a good book to help you escape for a few minutes or hours. Here are our top ten books to read during trying times:

1. The Bible – For those who are strong in their Faith, or just curious about it, The Bible can be a large source of comfort. If you have never read The Bible before, we recommend starting with the New Testament first.

2. The Bumps Are What You Climb On: Encouragement for Difficult Days by Warren W. Wiersbe- This book offers practical advice with how to deal with times of crisis, depression or loneliness.

3. What Cancer Cannot Do by Various Authors- Read this book for encouraging scriptures, quotes and stories from cancer survivors.

4. The Art of Asking by Amanda Palmer- This book deals with learning how to rely on others and ask for help when needed. Although it is a memoir dealing with very specific situations, the art of asking can be applied to a myriad of situations.

5. Encouragement in the Wilderness: A Daily Devotional for Days of Discouragement, Depression, and Despair by Elsie H. Brunk- This book is perfect for giving you daily doses of encouragement and support.

6. Dear Friend: Letters of Encouragement, Humor, and Love for Women with Breast Cancer by Gina L. Mulligan- A book of handwritten letters compiled to bring support and comfort to women with breast cancer.

7. Not Alone: Encouragement for Caregivers by Nell E. Noonan- Caregivers run the potential risk of neglecting their own emotional needs while they care for others. This book is meant to give daily encouragement to all types of caregivers.

8. Healing Grace: A Devotional of Christian Encouragement and a Biblical Study

About Grace and Healing for Those Facing Physical Hardship such as Chronic … Cancer, or Recovering from Surgery by Edward W. Hellman- Devotional encouragement is provided by this book through the exploration of God’s grace and scripture.

9. The Awakened Family: A Revolution in Parenting

by Shefali Tsabary- This book is insightful whether or not you have children. Although primarily a parenting book, this book holds many interesting revelations and insights.

10. Everyday Strength: A Cancer Patient’s Guide to Spiritual Survival by Randy Becton- Cancer patients, as well as their friends and family, can find support through the meditations and prayers outlined in this book.

Author: Mary-Anne Elizabeth Wright

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