While You Are Waiting

A waiting room is very rarely a warm and inviting environment. Often it is quite a cold place in which we have to spend many anxious hours.

Lately hospitals and healthcare organizations have been making an effort to try and create a better space for friends and families to await news of their loved ones.

In an attempt to help the process and to help you in the hours of waiting here are our top suggestions of things that can be done while you are waiting.

● Prayer- Spending time with God in prayer helps you to strengthen your faith and also helps to be actively waiting i.e. doing something that could benefit a positive result and bring comfort.

● Drawing- Whether or not you have any artistic skill drawing is known to help reduce stress. The creative outlet allows you to spend your time creating a work of art as well as allowing you to express your emotions in a safe and private way.

● Take up a new hobby- Acquiring a new skill takes concentration and allows the time to pass by a little quicker. Hobbies like knitting, crocheting and embroidery help you to keep your hands and your mind busy.

● Write down questions or concerns- Sometimes it

may be difficult to remember all of the questions or concerns you may have for the doctor or health care team. While you are waiting keep a journal of everything you would want clarification on. That way when the doctor comes to speak to you, you will be prepared to ask him everything you need to know.

● Write Letters- Letters are a great way to connect with those around you and to bring comfort to yourself as well as to them. The act of letter writing is also another great and safe emotional outlet.

Author: Mary-Anne Elizabeth Wright

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