Traditions to Honor the Life of Our Little Angel

Recently someone very close to me passed away from cancer. She was a beautiful light taken from the world much too soon. Her short life holds a legacy that surpasses her years. This beautiful child touched the heart of so many people. Bringing them closer to each other and to God. She was an angel and she has returned home.



Those of us who have felt the loss at her parting have found comfort in each other as well as in maintaining traditions to honor her. These little traditions help us to remember the manners and ways of our little angel and in so doing they help us to feel close to her again.



One such tradition is in honor of an electronic candle that she had. The candle was set to turn on at 7 33 pm every night. She had to see it first and then we all had to have a cup of tea. Shoes off, everyone must have their cups before drinking, we would cheers making sure to look everyone in the eyes and tell them that you love them. This is a tradition that lives on in her honor. When I am alone or when I am with friends, 7 33 pm is time for tea and an ‘I love you’.



Another tradition was also born out of her time with her family. Friday nights the family had picnic nights together. They would have many options to choose from (just the way she liked it) and enjoy a family dinner together picnic style. After her passing whenever possible we would gather with her family on Friday nights and picnic together.



Some traditions are born not out of things that you experienced with the loved one but from things that remind you of the loved one. Our angel loved nail polish she had a bag full of different colors and usually opted for her finger and toenails to be painted in alternating colors. While I may not necessarily do alternating colors I may choose to paint my nails a little more often than I usually would (which was hardly ever) and from now on, everytime I paint them, especially when choosing a bright or soft color, I will think of her.



Traditions and remembrances help us to celebrate the ones we have loved and loss. They also help us to feel their essence after their passing by keeping those things we remember alive in our everyday. In so doing we hold a piece of them with us forever.



Author: Mary-Anne Elizabeth Wright

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