Tips for Chemotherapy

A friend of mine recently underwent chemotherapy and she described to me how she wished that she had been better prepared. She inspired me to compile a list of tips for chemotherapy. I met with a few of my friends who have personally gone through chemotherapy or have helped their loved ones through it and this is the advice they had to give:


  • Ginger tea can be helpful in reducing the metallic taste produced by chemotherapy.


  • Always pack an extra blanket and scarves. You get colder than you would expect.


  • Try going to the dentist before starting chemotherapy as you might not be allowed to go while you are undergoing treatment.


  • Let your closest friends and family know you are undergoing treatment. That way you will know that you have a support group around you to help you through the hardest parts.


  • Chemotherapy has a dehydrating effect, so make sure you drink water leading up to your treatment, especially the day before and after.


  • Create a list of books you wish to read and download them on your Kindle or buy them to take with you.


  • Try to avoid alcohol and unhealthy foods. Help your body by giving it the nutrients that will help you keep up your strength.


  • Don’t overdo it. Make sure to get your rest. The temptation may be there to try and just continue on as before but understand that your body is working very hard. Take it easy and be kind to yourself. Perhaps add in additional nap times to your schedule.


  • Pace yourself. Not everyone experiences side effects in the same way or with the same time frame. One friend would feel sick immediately after chemotherapy while another described that she felt great after chemotherapy and for a few days after that she would feel stronger than ever. After about four days she would feel the side effects and need to take some time off. Listen to your body and try not to overdo it on the good days. Check in with how you feel and go from there.


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