Time to Drink Some Water – High pH Of Course

Many have turned to high pH water to help in the fight against cancer. Although there are rave reviews, by such websites as greenmedinfo.com and undergroundhealth.com, about ionized water and its seemingly superpowers in inhibiting the spread of cancer it is, like anything else, not a cure in and of itself. Instead, it is something that could potentially add to and aid in treatment.

High pH water helps to alkalize the body, reducing acidity and restoring its normal pH level. This not only helps in the fight against the cancer cells through increasing the ability to resist disease but also aids in easing the symptoms caused by other cancer treatments. It aids in sleep, stress relief, energy and normalizing weight.

Ionized water is high in antioxidant levels, which aids in increasing the oxygen levels in the body. These antioxidant bubbles are called hydroxyl ions. Hydroxyl ions are free radical scavengers that protect the body from negative ORP (Oxidation-Reduction Potential).

The shape and size of the water molecule cluster is smaller than that of normal water (H20). This means that the cells can absorb it much more efficiently and effectively.

There have been some, such as Forbes, who have disagreed with trying to balance the pH levels within the body to help fight against cancer. The argument here is that it is the cancer itself that created the acid and not the body and therefore regulating the body through diet does not necessarily eradicate the presence of acid. However, even these people have continued to say that regardless of this, a high pH level diet is healthy and beneficial to the body.

Other studies, mostly done in Asia (where reportedly alkaline water is a regular part of cancer treatment), have shown a direct link to the use of alkaline water in the reduction of cancerous tumors.

Although it may not be the miracle cure one would hope for, all in all, it seems that adding high pH water to your diet will definitely benefit your journey.



Author:  Mary-Anne Elizabeth Wright

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