Put a Little Song in Your Heart

We all know that music is a powerful tool. It is a gift that can speak to a myriad of emotions and circumstances. Just think of how many times we turn to the music from our favorite bands to help us through emotional periods in our lives. It is no surprise then that music therapy is highly effective when used in conjunction with cancer treatment.

According to the MD Anderson Cancer Center:

…music therapy has been found to help reduce pain and discomfort; improve mood and diminish stress; increase quality of life; and allow patients to better communicate their fears, sadness or other feelings.

Music therapy focuses on helping patients with their physical and emotional needs to help counteract the physical and emotional stresses of cancer and cancer treatment.

The American Music Therapy Association outlines music therapy as a musical intervention that helps patients and their families achieve their therapeutic goals. Music Therapy is administered by a trained and qualified music therapist. The American Music Therapy Association lists the benefits of Music Therapy as:

Promoting wellness, managing stress, alleviating pain, aiding in expressing feelings, enhancing memory, improving communication and promoting physical rehabilitation.

While music therapy is not a treatment in and of itself, it does aid patients and their families to better cope with the stresses of cancer. Music therapy also helps patients and their families to keep communication channels open between them which is vital in difficult times. Human nature is often to withdraw when we feel overwhelmed resulting in a feeling of isolation and potentially depression. Music Therapy helps to establish and reinforce a sense of community and safety.

Remember you are not alone and there is always a person and a song to help bring you even just a little comfort.

Author: Mary-Anne Elizabeth Wright

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