When a Loved One left no Life Insurance: Help to manage funeral costs

When a loved one has passed planning the funeral and covering all expenses can seem like a very daunting task. Especially if the loved one had no life insurance to help pay for the costs. Here are some ways that may help to alleviate the stress and manage costs.



  • Arrange the funeral through a funeral home that allows a payment plan. Be sure to come to agreement about the exact costs and terms of repayment beforehand and to sign a contract to secure the agreement.



  • If there are no religious restrictions cremation is a lot more cost effective than a funeral as it eliminates the costs of a coffin, burial and gravestone. There are some beautiful options available with cremation such as glass ornaments and pendants encasing your loved ones ashes.




  • If you are planning on doing an estate sale there is the option to do the sale before the funeral and use the funds raised as a way to cover funeral and other costs.



  • Hold a fundraising event in honor of the loved one who has passed. These events need not cost money to throw and can incorporate elements of your loved one. For instance if your loved one loved dancing have a mini ball or dance party. Charge for entry or ask for donations at the event. Invite friends and family who would want to support and reach out to community groups around you as well as the general public.



  • Ask your local church or community organization for help. Especially if you have decided on cremation these venues can help offer you a space for the memorial service that is free or low cost.



  • Reach out to friends and family of the one who has passed. Those who have lost this loved one too may want to honor their passing by donating towards their farewell.


Author: Mary-Anne Elizabeth Wright

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