Just a Moment of Calm

When going through trying times I personally struggled to find calm. Even in moments when there wasn’t much going on around me, my mind seemed to continually be reeling. I found myself desperately searching for a moments peace. As a result, I started to explore different places/ spaces that could bring that peaceful quiet I was looking for.

The first place that really worked for me was a garden, particularly with some form of gentle running water. According to psychologytoday.com:

Plants have been shown to: lower blood pressure (systolic), improve reaction times, increase attentiveness… improve well- being, improve perceptions of the space and lower levels of anxiety during recovery from surgery.

The second place that really helped me was sitting in an empty church and/or chapel. There always seemed to be a reverent peaceful atmosphere in those places. It was when sitting there that I had the overwhelming sense of being held. I personally also love architecture, and as a result, I found the large chapels to be most beautifully distracting.

Swimming was another great escape for me. Being surrounded by a body of water. I could let myself go, knowing that the water was holding me. According to huffingtonpost.com water slows down our brainwaves, which in turn helps us to feel calmer.

Perhaps you have a favorite spot that holds warm and familiar memories. For me, this would be a small seaside town where I spent many of my childhood vacations. If you do have such a place, this would also be a good place to go to. These places in particular are very calming to me as they carry beautiful elements of my history and stories of trials overcome.

Author: Mary-Anne Elizabeth Wright

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