Got Any Hobbies?

Most of us have a list of things that we have always wanted to do but have never gotten to because they seem less important. The truth is hobbies are not just a fun way to pass the time and explore new things.

According to psychology today there are many scientifically proven benefits to adding hobbies to your life. Such as helping you better manage your time, fostering new connections and helping you cope with your stress.

We are unique as individuals so the hobbies that may appeal to us are all different. Personally I find creative hobbies to be a fantastic escape and emotional outlet. If I have been going through a particularly hard week emotionally I make sure, even though often times I have to force myself out the door, that I pack my ballet shoes and go to dance class.

For that hour there is no room for me to think about anything except for what we are working on in the class. I find myself focusing even harder on the technique and improving my skill. This allows me at least one hour a day where my mind and heart can be free of the emotional stresses. Even just for one hour. I leave the class feeling lighter and a little more accomplished.

Often times we feel guilty about taking an hour out of our day (or week) to focus on something for ourselves but the truth of the matter is that, that reset is not only for our own benefit. Once we have allowed ourselves a chance to step out of our current emotional state for a small period of time. We can return a little calmer and clearer. This in turn helps us to be stronger and more effective in our care for ourselves as well as for our loved ones.

So whether it is baseball, pottery or data analytics follow your passion to a hobby that helps advance your life and better aid you in being a source of comfort for yourself and those around you.

Author: Mary-Anne Elizabeth Wright

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