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Figuring out Estate Sales

Estate sales (also referred to as tag sales) are useful for when you are parting with belongings and/or assets left by the passing of a loved one.


You can choose to do the estate sale yourself or to hand the sale over to an organization such as to help you manage your estate. (Please note is used merely as an example of an organization that helps. If you are looking into using this organization or a similar one please do so at your own discretion and be sure to do proper research before deciding on which organization to use).


If you choose to do the estate sale on your own. It might be a good idea to get an estate appraisal done before the sale for tax purposes. Keep records of everything you sell, how much you sell it for and who you sell it to. Follow this link for a 10 step guide on doing an estate sale on your own:


If you feel that you would not want to sell these possessions but would want to donate them instead there are a variety of organizations that accept donations such as this. It may also be the case that there are items left over after the estate sale which you choose to donate. Two such charities that accept these types of donations are Goodwill Industries (1 888 446 6394) and Salvation Army (1 800 958 7825).


Going through all of your loved ones belongings and deciding on what to sell, keep or donate can be a very difficult and overwhelming task. Be sure to go at your own pace and seek out counselling and/or support from those around you.



Author: Mary-Anne Elizabeth Wright

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