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Community and Support Groups

For those who are looking for some extra support, or even just to be a little more involved in a community, here is a list of community and support groups that will hopefully aid you in your search.

  • Knights of Columbus – This is a catholic fraternal benefit society. Its founding principles are outlined as charity, unity and fraternity. To find out more about this society follow this link:


  • SHARE – A group for women facing breast and ovarian cancers. Their mission is outlined as a community/ support group that wishes to create and sustain a supportive network and community of women affected by breast and ovarian cancers. In addition to educational programs and webinars, they have a selection of support groups to choose from:


●     Redeemer Presbyterian Church Community Groups – They offer a range of community groups both for those who believe in God and those who are skeptical about Him. Find a group that suits your needs:


  • New York Women in Film & Television – This group offers support, career advice, career opportunities and an array of benefits from free tickets to access to health insurance. Find out more here:


  • Anxiety and depression association of America – This association offers various different support groups for those suffering from anxiety and/or depression. To find a group and location that is right for you follow this link:


  • Cancer Care – This organization offers online, telephonic and face to face support groups for cancer patients and their loved ones. The groups are led by oncology social workers. If this is a support group you want to learn more about follow this link:



Author: Mary-Anne Elizabeth Wright

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