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An Apple a Day


The notion of healthy eating to benefit immune system strength and health is not a foreign one. The consumption of food is not only an enjoyable way to spend an hour but an essential part of survival.

The food we eat is directly related to our energy levels and our health. Many people know the basic facts about food but are struggling to understand exactly what types of food will allow their bodies the full nutritional benefit.

Eating Organic seems to be a new millennial craze but in actual fact, the notion of eating organic food was already being implemented in the 1920’s by Max Gerson, MD, who instructed his cancer patients to have an organic diet.

Organic food contains fewer chemicals and preservatives than non-organic food. Long-term studies of the effect of organic food on the recovery from or prevention of cancer are currently underway. Hopefully, these long-term studies will shed more light on the topic in the future.

However, according to The American Cancer Society vegetables and fruits should be an integral part of any person’s diet. They also recommend staying away from any highly processed foods and sticking to the more natural products (although not necessarily organic). Among others they list foods to avoid as: brown or wild rice, whole grains, cracked grains, or whole wheat products, kasha (buckwheat), corn bread or corn meal, graham crackers, bran, wheat germ, nuts, granola, coconut, dried fruit, and seeds-

Low fiber foods also aid in digestion, which may help to relieve any stomach and intestinal digestive issues caused by cancer treatment. The type of fiber to avoid is insoluble fiber as it is harder to digest and may irritate the intestines.

The best bet is a well-balanced healthy diet cutting out high sugar, insoluble fiber, and highly processed food. Speak to your doctor about the best diet plan to suit your treatment and personal needs.


Author:  Mary-Anne Elizabeth Wright

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