Life is all about creating moments and sharing memories with the ones you love.  At AVG, we’re in the business of creating memories, and with your help we can make this a reality.No matter who or where your audience is, AVG, distributes your news statements in the quickest, most inclusive and cost-effective way accessible. Distribution includes delivery to multiple media outlets worldwide and to thousands of online services. Some of these include: Google, Yahoo and Bing just to name a few! Not only will you be assisting patients to pay for medical bills and have a social life after a stint in a medical facility, you will get your business and biography publicized world wide to assist you with the expansion of your business. Here are a few services that are available.

National Press Release

Our press release service is available solely to our valued members. Our marketing strategists and expert senior editors prepare your tailored press release using information gathered during a private conference. Our strategists will then circulate your press release throw out the world wide web, or work with you to dispense it to the specific outlets of your choosing. This is a flawless instrument for you to distribute your brand online. Using search engines, such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing just to name a few, your release has the utmost potential to reach your audience on a global scale.

Our Senior Editors are obtainable every step of the way to tailor your extraordinary press releases. Revises and modifications are always appreciated, as are intent is to assist you achieve specific occupational  objectives and meet their professional requirements.

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Website Development

Opening or constructing a website is an exhilarating time in your life. Knowing you have a crew of the highest level of care for your business makes it easier.  We work with you to assist you in accomplishing your objectives of owning your own business or increasing your existing business through training and inspiration! You will learn about social media and the benefits behind online marketing for your business.

At AVG, our quality of service we provide is what we hold most imperative. Our creative and advertising professionals are able to provide one-on-one time with you, to fully understand your business website.  You will receive individualized products and services to meet your unique business specifications and have the opportunity grow in the business world.

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Biography Development

Your Biography will be developed by one of our Senior Editors and published in Professionals of Valor 2018-2019. P.O.V. 2018-2019 is a publication featuring professionals from all walks of life ranging from Doctors, Lawyers, Teachers, Artist, and Entrepreneurs just to name a few. These men and women have been honored for their contributions not only to the AVG Fund, but to their respected fields. Each page is dedicated to one member, featuring a story emphasizing the professionals experience and products and services.

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